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Regular eye tests are important for more than just correcting your vision. They can reveal a number of other underlying problems such as glaucoma and diabetes.
At Asda Opticians an eye test is only £19 or you may be entitled to this for free under the NHS (all people in Scotland are entitled to free eye tests). To see if you fall into a group that might be entitled to a free eye test see the NHS website.
Your eye test will usually last about 30 minutes, during this the Optical Colleague and the Optometrist will undertake a number of different tests to check your eye health.
Guide to your eye test
Arriving for your appointment
When you arrive one of our Optical Colleagues will check we have all the correct and up-to-date details for you. They will also ask you a few questions regarding your lifestyle, to help us make the right recommendations for your visual needs.

Non-contact tests & your health
A few puffs of air are directed at the front of each eye which then allows us to measure the eye pressure inside your eyes.
The auto-refractor looks at how well your eyes focus and it also gives the Optometrist an approximate reading of your prescription.
Visual Field Screening
This test allows us to test if your have any 'blind spots' in your field of vision, you will be asked to look at a point in the centre of the machine and then asked to count small lights which appear on the screen.
The Optometrist will then take you into the consultation room where they will ask you a series of questions about your general health, medication and your families health, and also if you have any concerns about your eyes.

Test charts
During the eye examination, we will use a test chart which most people are familiar with, and with the Optometrist will ask you to read down the chart using different lenses to find you the clearest vision possible.
The health of your eyes are also checked by our Optometrists, they may turn the lights down very low and shine a bright light into each eye individually. This allows us to check the health of your eyes and for any health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and glaucoma. This is a very important part of the eye examination.

Your health report
At the end of the eye examination the Optometrist will advise you on the overall health of your eyes and give recommendations if glasses are required. We normally recommend an eye examination at least every two years unless the Optometrist advises sooner.
Book Your Eye Test
Simply call your local store to book your appointment.
*Eye tests are free under the NHS to all in Scotland, or in England and Wales if you are under 16 years of age, you are 16, 17, or 18 and in full-time education, or if you are 60 and over. Eye tests cost £19 outside the Optometrists recommended frquency - normally every 2 years. For further details of other groups entitled to a free NHS eye test or for more information generally visit, or ask in store.