COVID-19 Patient Information

During COVID, at Asda Opticians, we are remaining open to ensure that we are available, if you need us. No matter whether it is a problem with your eyes, vision, spectacles or contact lenses, our colleagues are available for eye examinations, contact lens examinations, spectacles and contact lens dispenses, telephone consultations and advice.

To ensure we keep all our patients and colleagues safe, we’ve made some changes to the way we serve our customers.

With practices in all 4 nations of the UK, we’ve implemented different ways of working to ensure we align with the relevant government, professional bodies and NHS guidance and are committed to keeping our patients and colleagues safe throughout the pandemic. We will react to this guidance as it changes, making further changes to our departments if necessary, to ensure we continue to operate safely. This may also meant, that at times there may be local restrictions in place, regarding which patients we are able to see or the type of appointments we are able to conduct. As this is constantly changing, as the COVID situation changes, our Optical colleagues will be able to advise you of this when booking and how we can help you, if there are restrictions in place.

We understand these changes will mean your visit to Asda Opticians may look and feel a bit different and so we thought it’d be helpful to outline what you can expect.

To help us respect and maintain social distancing guidance, we have requested that for now, attendance at our optical departments is by appointment only. This helps us to plan our colleagues time and ensure we have the right colleagues available at the right time to help you best as well as limiting the numbers of people on the department to a safe level.

If you are unable to attend our practice in person, we can arrange for you to have a remote telephone consultation with one of our Optometrists or Contact Lens Opticians. We can also arrange to remotely dispense spectacles or contact lenses for you, if needed too.

When arranging an appointment, our colleagues will ask some further questions. This is important to ensure we prioritise our appointments for those with the greatest need and find the most appropriate time for you.

Our colleagues will also contact you in advance of your appointment to check you are keeping well and not displaying any signs or symptoms of COVID. Naturally, if you are feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms, have tested positive or have been advised to isolate for any reason we’d ask you not to attend, and your appointment may be rescheduled or changed to a telephone consultation.

We ask that you spend some time ahead of your appointment browsing our range of spectacles on our website and bring along to your appointment a screenshot or note of any frames which you like. This will help things run more smoothly when you do attend and help our colleagues to work more efficiently to serve you.

If when you attend at the store, there is a queue, please speak to the colleague at the store entrance, advise them you have an appointment at the Opticians and they will allow you to go straight to the department.

In line with current guidance, we have removed all waiting areas from our departments. We therefore ask that you attend on time for your appointment and not early. If you do arrive early, we may have to ask you to browse in the main store till your appointment time to ensure we manage the number of patients on the department.

All our optical colleagues, including our Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians will be wearing PPE which includes, face masks, aprons, gloves, and sometimes visors or extra eye protection. We understand this can feel a little strange at first but please be assured this is for everyone’s protection and safety and aimed to reduce the risk of COVID transmission. In return, and to help reduce the risk to our colleagues while they help you, we’d politely ask that you also wear a face covering for the duration of your appointment with us. If you don’t have one, our colleagues will happily provide one for you free of charge.

We’ve added numerous hand sanitising stations around our departments and colleagues and customers will always have access to handwashing facilities should they be required. We will ask all customers on arrival and leaving the department to sanitise their hands.

Our colleagues will be continuously cleaning our optical departments throughout the day to ensure things are sanitised between patients and to minimise any risk of transmission. This includes all surfaces, machinery and equipment, fixtures and fittings and spectacle frames and lenses. To help us do this, we will ask that you do not touch the frames on display. Once you have indicated a frame you wish to try on, the colleague will sanitise this before passing to you and any frames you decide to try on, will then be put to one side to be sanitised before being put back on display.

Your appointment with the Optometrist/Contact Lens Optician may also follow a slightly different format than you would normally experience. This is in line with current professional guidance which recommends eyecare professionals carefully choose the examination tests carried out based on an individual’s clinical needs. If you have any questions about this or are unsure about an element of your eye examination then please feel free to discuss this with our team during your visit.

If you are looking for any information regarding eye conditions we have currently removed all leaflets from the department but information can be found at or please ask a colleague in store who will be able to provide you with further information.

If you have any further questions around your visit with us during the COVID pandemic, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Optical colleagues, all telephone numbers direct to our Opticians can be found on our store locator or email