Contact lenses explained

If you’re new to contact lenses or even an existing wearer when looking into the different types, it isn’t always clear what the differences are between the various lens types. Our jargon buster below is here to help clear up your confusion but if you have any questions you can always call us or visit one of Opticians. To find your nearest store click here.

Daily Disposable
Daily lenses offer the ultimate in convenience with no lens care or cleaning needed. You can just wear them the once and throw them away!
A reusable lens which must be removed and cleaned daily, and is designed to be replaced every two weeks.
Monthly Disposable
These lenses are designed to be replaced every 30days, each evening they need to be cleaned and stored and then are ready to wear for the next day.
Extended Wear
Sometimes also called 'continuous wear', these lenses can be worn continuously for a maximum of 30days, and allow the flexibility of being able to sleep in your lenses.
A toric contact lens has a different focusing power horizontally than it does vertically, and as a result can correct for astigmatism.
A lens designed for people who have a different prescription for distance and reading, this lens allows you to see at both distances with just the one lens.