Did you know when you buy your contact lenses from Asda Opticians in-store or online, you are entitled to FREE aftercare at any of our 120+ opticians? Click here to find your nearest store and book an appointment.

Regular aftercare is a vital part of wearing contact lenses. This service checks the health of your eyes and your contact lens specification and enables you to continue wearing and purchasing contact lenses.

During the aftercare, your Optician will check that you are happy with your contact lenses and that:

  • You can see well with your contact lenses
  • Your contact lenses still fit
  • Your contact lenses are comfortable throughout the duration of wear
  • Your eyes are healthy and have not changed

Aftercare relates to the outer part of the eye only, where the contact lens sits. You are also advised to have regular eye tests whereby the Optometrist will examine inside your eyes too.

If you have concerns with any aspect of contact lens wear, your Optician will be happy to discuss them during the aftercare.